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Your safety and peace of mind are most important to us

We recommend to all users that before carrying out a transaction, that they should try to connect with each other on social media, get acquainted with each other and get contact details of each other.

The goods or package/s being carried must be checked by the traveller thoroughly and there should be no mismatch between what is booked on the sociotransit website and the physical thing or goods being sent. In the case of any discrepancy, immediately warn the website and abandon carrying the goods/package!!

We believe that providing the right environment allows you to make safe, informed decisions. That's why we're constantly building a world-class set of systems, tools, and communication channels to give you full confidence. And if you ever need us, you can write to us.

We always aim to reply to your emails will be within 24 hours. We're committed to building a trusted, collaborative transit place. That's why we've built the best-in-class tools and services to help you make the right decisions. We want you to have a wonderful experience. Here's how…

Core Elements of Trust and Safety

These are the key features that form the foundation of our commitment to creating a safe, trusted marketplace for booking & transiting packages around the world.

Secure Payments

All financial transactions are facilitated through our secure system, ensuring peace of mind for the traveller and seeker / wanter alike. We hold payment until we get confirmation from the seeker/ wanter that they have received the package + confirmation from the traveller that he has delivered. This is to make sure that both users are satisfied with each other.

Detailed Profiles

Sociotransit profiles empower users to establish their reputation and research their potential traveller or seeker/ wanter. Profiles can include photos, verified phone numbers and email addresses, connections to Facebook and Twitter, and reviews and references from other Sociotransit users.

Social Connections

Social Connections help you find a traveller or seeker/ wanter with mutual friends, people from your alumni network, or users your friends recommend. Simply sign into Sociotransit with your Facebook account and discover your trusted link to travellers or seekers/ wanters all over the world.

Authentic Reviews

The traveller or seeker/ wanter can only leave reviews after a confirmed transaction through the Sociotransit platform. This means that Sociotransit reviews are an actual reflection of a real experience had between users on the site, and experience drives reputation. Trusted reviews are a cornerstone of the Sociotransit marketplace.

24/7 Customer Service

Our world-class customer service team is available around the clock on email, anywhere in the world. Phone and live chat, will soon be introduced. We will also power our service with different leading languages across the globe.

Platform Tools

We've built a number of innovative tools into our system to help guide the transaction process and make it as smooth and safe as possible.

Security Deposits

Safety is our first priority, but accidents do happen. Within a couple of months, we will launch the insurance back-up for value of goods (depending on the type of goods - worth or value)

Messaging System

Get to know your potential traveller or seeker/ wanter with our messaging system. Ask questions, set expectations and get comfortable with each other prior to a transaction. Decide a place and time to meet. Exchange critical information like phone numbers, address etc. If anything is misrepresented with your booking, let us know right away and our customer service team will reference your communications to help resolve the situation.

Community Flagging

We give every member of the community the tools to help us police our marketplace. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that Sociotransit remains a safe and trusted marketplace. Flag suspicious messages, users or listings to alert our team to step in and take action.

Privacy Controls

It's your information - control it as you see fit. Members have detailed control over the privacy settings of their listings and profiles. You can choose to filter your profile and listings out of search engines, and conceal your Social Connections from public view.

Reputation And Research Tools

Know before you transact. These tools are designed to help you make safe, informed decisions on Sociotransit.

Transaction Requirements

You can set custom trust parameters for messages and transaction requests; users who don't meet your specified requirements can't send you a message or attempt a Transaction request until they fulfil your requirements. Selections for transaction Requirements include: verified phone numbers, complete profiles with photos and descriptions, location information, and trip context or purpose.

Full users Names

The traveller can see the full name of a seeker/ wanter before deciding to accept or decline a transaction request. Full traveller or seeker/ wanter names are only visible after sending a transaction request, giving the Traveller or seeker/ wanter one more way to research their potential Users before accepting a transaction.


While reviews are the cornerstone of the Sociotransitreputation system, references help people new to Sociotransit get started building their reputation. Everyone is required to add profile photos before they can leave references. Finding your acquaintances and asking them to write you a reference only takes a single click once you are connected to Facebook. Build your reputation with References now

Video Profiles

If a photo says a thousand words, consider Video Profiles something more akin to a short-story. With Video Profiles, traveller or needer/wanter can express themselves to the Sociotransit community and make a great first introduction. Video Profiles are currently available. Create a Video Profile now

Connect to LinkedIn and Twitter

Validate your Twitter or LinkedIn account on Sociotransit and add another level of trust to your profile.

Voice Connect

Will be added soon to call each other free via the Sociotransit platform to make it a more secure and reliable transaction.

Supporting You Behind The Scenes

We're always here. In addition to the features available on the website, we work behind the scenes to help make the community safe.

Customer Service

We offer round-the-clock service with dedicated service agents. They're working on the front lines to help you via email.

Trust & Safety Team

Sociotransit has a dedicated team of Customer Service agents that are solely focused on keeping the Sociotransit community as safe and trusted as possible. They're responsible for continuously developing new features and services that make our community safer.

Content Moderation

An experienced team sits behind our community flagging tools to investigate listings, messages, profiles, and other user-generated content flagged by the community.

Anti-fraud Systems

Our advanced, proprietary back-end tools weed out fraud and work to keep the community safe from scammers.