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Soon SocioTransit will let people earn money while travelling effortlessly!! Also help people to get what they want and join in the sustainable green cause reducing our Co2 footprint. The goods which need to be specially transited now get transited through already planned travel. It's free to sign up and with a built in community, your listing will be seen by a worldwide audience.

Get anything from anywhere

just search who is coming from a place you want something, and request them to bring anything for you. This is the most cost affective way + fast + green. And you can earn a good reputation on our social platform.

Bring a smile to someone's face.

User profiles

Learn about & chat to potential travellers, seekers / wanters before booking any transactions

Free to list

Now the service is free. After sometime, we will launch full fledge paid version & you pay very less amount only when you have a successful secure transaction.

Online transactions

SocioTransit handles all payments ensuring you get paid, and on time

Customer support

Our community loyalty team is available around the clock and will reply to emails you may send us regarding our service.

Earn reviews

SocioTransit reviews help you build a real reputation and increase your earning potential

Payment options

Get paid via direct bank deposit & Paypal


When a request is submitted, you approve transaction

1-click listing

Post once & your listing is active until you turn it off

Multiple listings

Manage listings around the world with one account

Cancellation policies

Choose your flavor, we uphold them for you

Autopost options

Share your listing to Facebook, Linked-In& Twitter in 1 click

Travels & requirements

Easily manage your travels & requirements

Text alerts

Get free notifications instantly on your emails. Soon we will launch our text service to your verified phones numbers!

Nominal fees

We will, at some point, start charging nominal fees for using our service to give you host of more innovative services


We automatically translate your listing in many other languages and currencies


How to be a responsible SocioTransitor

We encourage all users to think carefully about their responsibilities. Using SocioTransit offers rich experiences, meeting new people, helping society, helping people and earning money but it comes with a certain level of commitment.


Check the goods:We encourage that all users must have a very clear idea what goods are being asked or requested.

The traveller has 100% right to open the packet and see what is being transferred and inform SocioTransit in case of any discrepancy. Authorities shall be informed and the account of the person in doubt will be suspended permanently.

The following items are also forbidden to be transited via SocioTransit:

The intention of using this service is more a social attribute and thus, earning revenue while doing so. Having said this, SocioTransit will not be responsible what-so-ever for any conflict arising even if it may be in any court. The responsibility of the total transaction remains between the wanter/ seeker) and the traveller. Social transit is just a service to help out the seeker by satisfying his/her request and giving and opportunity to serve socially and thus in return earn revenue for it.




We will shortly announce our insurance scheme for the value of goods, once our website is fully developed and other added services are in place. It solely depends on the discretion of the owners of this website if, when, where, how and how much insurance entitlement applies.

SocioTransit like a Pro

Transit of goods made easy