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SocioTransit is a social networking service that matches people seeking traveller/ transporter to carry/ buy/ pick-up & drop any kind of goods from one place to another. Travellers who are carrying/ transporting goods will get money when the service becomes fully-fledged on a chargeable basis for that particular transit; while the wanter/seeker (who needs goods to be transported) will be benefited from quicker transportation or lower courier/transportation charges. The transaction between two parties should be strictly through online payment. Two parties may talk to each other through chat/message protocol but they should not be able to share contact details (i.e. Phone numbers, E-mail IDs, FB Contacts, and Messenger IDs). Thus a step forward towards sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint and utilising excess luggage space of travellers effectively rather than making special goods transit travels. Be part of the faster-smarter-greener initiative. Do your bit to save our Planet!

In short: Get anything from anywhere in the world! - Now on the internet (and shortly from a mobile phone app) and earn money from it while you travel. Also help each other and meet new other ‘SocioTransitors’.


Founded in January 2013 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark with a back-end office for supporting all IT related / web related services in Bangalore, India; SocioTransit is a social networking service for people who want to get / send things across the globe faster. With world-class customer service and a growing community of users SocioTransit is the easiest way for people to monetize their travels and showcase it to an audience of millions. This is a fantastic initiative to travel more & earn while you travel.

Contact Us

Niral Desai | CPO
+45 71659208

Shivanee Pranav Shah | CEO
+45 91448164

2700, Sonnerupvej,
Copenhagen, Denmark